Region 6 Solid Waste Management Outreach & Education Resources 


Region 6 Solid Waste Management

Under the Solid Waste-Resource Management Regulations the establishment of seven (7) solid waste regions were created in Nova Scotia. Within each region, various duties are carried out to collaboratively address solid waste issues, operations, administration, education and enforcement.
Region 6 represents 12 municipal units at the provincial table for stewardship and enforcement issues. We provide solid waste expertise, educational programs, support municipal specific programs, distribute funds and support communities and groups in litter clean ups. We offer administration and educational support of solid waste to all our units.
Christine McClare - Regional Coordinator

Christine has over 21 years in waste management and outreach. Her role is administration for the region as we liaise on behalf of 12 municipalities with partners such as Nova Scotia Environment and Divert NS. Christine past experience includes an academic background in Psychology and Sociology as well as practical experience with West Hants Municipality, ranging from operations, administration, education and public outreach.

Angela Taylor - Regional Educator

Angela has over 14 years experience in Outreach and Education in waste management. Her role is to provide education for schools, community groups, businesses and the general public. Waste audits, inspections, residential outreach and Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) compliance promotion is a priority. Angela has an extensive background and knowledge in Bylaw Enforcement and is President of the Atlantic Bylaw Officers Association (ABOA).

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